Energize your process.

Data analytics has never been more intuitive: Store your ideas as templates for data analyses and test them with actual customer data. Accelerate your impact and share your expertise.

  • listitem_orange_edit No-code interface
  • listitem_orange_checkmark Orchestrated data
  • listitem_orange_star Easy collaboration
  • listitem_orange_heart New customer base

3 simple steps to data insights.

Make data work for you.

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Your benefits at a glance.

Unleash the power of your data by partnering with us.

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Room for your ideas
Create and monetize templates for a wide range of industries.
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Earn money
Build an analysis once and sell it to clients.
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Analyze easily
No Phython, no Excel – discover a new way of processing IoT sensor data with nista.
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Create benchmarks
Increase your knowledge by learning about different needs from clients.

You have the knowledge – we have the tools.

  • Access clean data fast

    Our AI-powered software makes it easier for you to keep your data accurate and organized. Also, with all data neatly stored in one place, you can access information way faster. And through our growing collection of data and insights, benchmarking becomes even more convenient.

  • Fast and transparent – improve your workflow and spark new ideas by working together with your colleagues on the same analysis and sensor data.

  • Do you have an exciting idea and want to test or analyze data in a specific way? Create analyzes with our no-code interface, run them through simulations and reuse them as templates whenever you want.

  • Vienna, Copenhagen or Singapore – as climate challenges affect people the same everywhere, nista is perfect to spread your ideas globally.

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Let’s embark on an exciting journey together!

  • listitem_orange_heart nista is a free software platform
  • listitem_orange_checkmark Earn money from analyzing data while supporting a good cause
  • listitem_orange_eye Have a wide range of industries using your analyzes
  • listitem_orange_bolt Generate new business
  • listitem_orange_edit Work closely with us and build features around your needs

4 simple steps to start your data-driven energy efficiency journey

With our partners at e7, following 4 simple steps, we found anomalies within a hospital’s load profile. Then, a simple change of settings was enough to correct them, leading to a 9000€/year saving.
Read Case StudyRead Case Study Read Case Study Read Case Study
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Ideas, questions, suggestions –

let’s discuss!

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