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Uncontrollable costs and energy consumption was yesterday. With you have all your energy consumption and costs at a glance to help increase your efficiency regularly.


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Get in control with and the power of data

Get in control with and the power of data


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Saving has never been this easy!

A better world requires better solutions.
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All consumptions at a glance

Existing data clearly presented in one place. Compare your sites, see how they perform against the industry average, and measure your annual savings.

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Implementable savings measures based on your data detects deviations, elevated averages, and anomalies from which savings measures are derived. As soon as there is potential for savings, will let you know.


Improve continuously

With's AI, you will continuously get better at understanding your operations and consumption to save even more. The ongoing analysis allows you to measure savings based on data.

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The one-stop shop for your goals.
With you'll never be in the dark again.

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Actionable insights
Continuously generated insights with clear action steps.
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Easy collaboration
Annotate data, describe your facility and communicate with your team.
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Scalable solution
Our data model scales analysis fast and seamlessly to fit our customers’ needs.
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Expert Network
Get help from the right experts for all your needs as part of our service.

4 simple steps to start your data-driven energy efficiency journey

With our partners at e7, following 4 simple steps, we found anomalies within a hospital’s load profile. Then, a simple change of settings was enough to correct them, leading to a 9000€/year saving.
Read Case StudyRead Case Study Read Case Study Read Case Study
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