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Reduce energy costs with the digital energy manager

Elevate your energy management to new heights with nista. By harnessing your existing data, nista empowers you to make sense of sensor data to discover demand insights, trim energy use, and save effortlessly. 


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Real savings based on your data. Effortlessly and continuously.

Reduce base loads, optimize PV systems, avoid peak loads, whatever it is, your data hides the solutions. Make them visible with the power of nista. The AI-based software generates regular savings measures and helps you implement them. In this way, you achieve your savings targets and can also measure them transparently.


Reduce time

time saving

Light Bulb

Measure savings


Save energy costs


Data based reporting

True energy saving -  smart & effortlessly

Make sense of your sensor data - let's get started.

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  Discover potential savings and invisible energy consumption.

What is included:

  • white_checkmark Data connection network operator
  • white_checkmark Energy Dashboard
  • white_checkmark Potential analysis


 Optimize energy consumption with ongoing saving measures.

All free features, plus:

  • white_checkmark Continuous analyses
  • white_checkmark Automatic To Dos
  • white_checkmark Benchmarking (coming soon)


  Reduce your energy costs with individual measures.

All base features, plus:

  • white_checkmark Third Party Sources
  • white_checkmark Measurement concept
  • white_checkmark Submetering (coming soon)
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In March 2023, the EU agreed to reduce final energy consumption by 40.5% by 2030. This means that manufacturing companies in particular must become significantly more efficient.

With nista, we have developed the digital energy manager. With it, we support companies in saving energy and complying with regulations. In addition, we are available to answer all questions on the topic of energy.

We are currently optimizing the energy management of more than 30 companies and thereby reducing their annual energy costs and emissions by up to 20%. Take the chance and digitalize your energy management - with nista!


- Anna Pölzl
CEO & Co Founder, nista

5 Mio. €

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Energy savings


CO₂ savings

5 Mio. €

Energy costs reduced

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Energy savings identified


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What users say about nista

Martin Adelwöhrer
Martin Adelwöhrer
Director of Operations


"The topic of energy consumption, energy reporting and load data management has been with us for a long time. With nista, we can further optimize our load data and energy management."

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Roman Hürner
Roman Hürner


"nista complements my expertise with automated searches for potential savings."

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Michael Mayer Herzog
Michael Mayer-Herzog
Manager Operations


"Our motto - Every day a bit better - fits perfectly with the cooperation with nista. Our goal is to reduce the base load of our production together with nista."

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Digital Energy Management - nista featured in Austrian radio show "Ö1 Morgenjournal"

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First steps on the way to energy management


A lid for every pot


Latest developments, informative whitepapers and everything about nista.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Currently nista is available in Austria. We are planning to expand into the DACH region and are already accepting inquiries.

No! To get started with nista, you only need to enter your metering point number. With this, we can import your load profile data directly from your energy provider into nista.io on a daily basis.*


* This applies to locations in Austria with a total consumption that exceeds 100 MWh. For other locations, we work with historical data to quickly reach initial insights.

In this case, we can access your existing infrastructure and don't have to worry about additional measurements. nista is your digital energy manager here, continuously analyzing the data from your meters and alerting you when there is something to improve.

With nista, in addition to electricity consumption, we can also optimize gas consumption, as far as recorded by the network operator, query and analyze. The only difference is that gas is usually recorded per hour.

After successful registration, simply enter your metering point number in the nista dashboard. nista will then request the energy data from your network operator. Depending on the network operator, it can take up to several days until the request is visible in their customer portal. After successful approval by the network operator, you confirm the request in your network operator portal and nista starts with the energy monitoring.

💡 The metering point number is a unique 33-digit number that starts with AT (for Austria). You can find the metering point on your invoice, supply contract or grid usage contract. If you do not have any of these documents available, you can also ask your grid operator.

Do you have any other questions that are not listed here? Simply write us an e-mail.


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