Make your energy efficiency our business.

You have the data. We have the solutions. Reduce CO2 emissions, save money and gain relevant insights into your energy consumption. All with the power of nista.

  • listitem_orange_bolt Save energy costs
  • listitem_orange_checkmark Receive reports reliably and fast
  • listitem_orange_eye Gain long term control
  • listitem_orange_bell Push benchmarks to a new limit
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Your benefits at a glance.

Creating a better world for future generations requires better solutions.
Meet your energy goals with the pioneering power of nista.

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Cost & time saving
Clear insights make it easy to implement impactful changes.
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Smart & sustainable
We make it easy for you to lower your energy consumption and CO2 footprint.
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Connect & exchange
Benefit from our network of energy managers by receiving regular analyses, best practices and templates.
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Data-driven & transparent
Make decisions more transparent with precise data and gradually establish in-house knowledge.

Make sustainability part of your business.

  • Have a clear overview

    Our AI-powered software makes it easier for you to keep your data accurate and organized. Also, with all data neatly stored in one place, you can access information way faster. And through our growing collection of data and insights, benchmarking becomes even more convenient.

  • Fast and transparent – improve your workflow and spark new ideas by working together with your colleagues on the same analysis and sensor data.

  • Do you have an exciting idea and want to test or analyze data in a specific way? Create analyzes with our no-code interface, run them through simulations and reuse them as templates whenever you want.

  • Vienna, Copenhagen or Singapore – as climate challenges affect people the same everywhere, nista is perfect to spread your ideas globally.

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Make sense of your sensor data – start saving now.

  • listitem_orange_hourglass Risk-free – 2 month test period
  • listitem_orange_checkmark Flexible – no matter how much or little help you need from us, we’re here for you
  • listitem_orange_eye Transparent process – regular reports with latest findings
  • listitem_orange_bolt Easy onboarding – get started with data you have

8 reasons why sustainability pays off in no time!

We give you eight reasons why you should move your business toward sustainability, and provide a gas exit scenario for a medium-sized Austrian forging company, where we show that oil is not a better alternative.
Read Case StudyRead Case Study Read Case Study Read Case Study

Energy saving, reporting and

sustainability – let’s get started.

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